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Our goal: bringing your website within the first 3 search engine results.

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90% of visits, in Business to Business (when your customers are other companies), go to the first 5 sites in search engine results, while in Business to Consumer (when your customers are people) 90% of visits go to the first three sites. So being on the front page and not in the top positions is of very little use!

For over a year now, many LEAD GENERATION techniques added to the main method (positioning your website on search engines by using SEO techniques) other activities intended to increase website traffic so as to get an increased numbero of contacts and sales.

Some data on SEO actions done to position websites

If you have arrived here, it means you are aware of the importance of the positioning your websites on the web search engines, so let's see some facts, rather than give you some "sales talk" on positioning web sites:

  • first or second on Google Italy for "posizionamento siti internet" for the past five years, second for "posizionamento siti web" and in first page for "posizionamento motori di ricerca".
  • first on Google Italy for "coperture industriali", in first page for "doppia aggraffatura" and "rifacimento tetto".
  • first on Google Italiy for "mobili arte povera torino" and in forst page for other 30 keywords in the furniture sector (armadi arte povera torino, credenze arte povera torino, etc.) since 2010.
  • TOP 3 on Google Italy for "barre portatutto" and in first page for "portapacchi auto".
  • TOP 3 on Google Italy for "coaching torino".
  • TOP 3 on Google Italy for "dentisti torino".
  • TOP 3 on Google Italy for "realizzazione siti web roma" and in first page for "realizzazione siti web".
  • TOP 3 on Google Spain for "cursos fotografia madrid" and first for "cursos de fotografia en madrid".
  • TOP 5 on Google Italy for "recupero dati hard disk".
  • TOP 5 on Google Italy for "lean production" (English word).
  • TOP 3 on Google Italy for the following keywords: "posatori porfido", "pietra di prun", "cubetti di porfido", "posa porfido".
  • TOP 3 on Google Italy for "teli in pvc", in first page for "teloni".
  • TOP 3 on Google Italy for "arredo bagno torino" and "piastrelle torino", TOP 5 for "stock piastrelle torino", "piastrelle bagno torino", "ceramiche torino", "pavimenti in legno torino" and "rivestimenti bagno torino".
  • TOP 5 on Google Switzerland for "parquet" on about 50 million results since 2011.
  • TOP 5 on Google Italy for "concessionaria peugeot torino" on 200000 results since 2011.
  • TOP 5 on Google Italy for "piscine interrate".

Our search engines positioning technique

If your website is published already, we are able to optimize it and make it go up in the rankings, or we make a brand new website with the latest technologies and bring it up to the top positions in search engines results.

Our technique for positioning websites on search engines is not published, we used four years of testing to figure out what works and what does not work in order to position a website (as a fact, Google will never reveal the most important part of his algorithms).

Our positioning technique is stable over time; in fact we have positioned websites in search engines that are staying in the top three positions for over two years. Our added value is not only reflected in a peak of visitors in a short period of time, but rather in a constant growth trend over time. Most often we promise to the customer a number of daily/weekly/monthly visits, but then, thanks to our websites positioning technique, they do get 2 or 3 times as much.

Now we are so confident of the results of our websites positioning technique for web search engines, that we request full payment only when full results are achieved.

Contact us without any obligation for a free analysis of your website; if it exists, it will be analyzed, and as a result you will know which keyword(s) should be pushed up in the standings, together with an estimation of visitors and therefore potential customers that you will get through positioning of your website in the top positions of web search engines. If you don't have a website yet, the analysis results will be the the best keyword(s) to use for climbing the rankings of the search engines through our service.

Why is it so important to choose the right keywords? Let's make some examples: you could use our technique for positioning a website in the web search engines, for an enterprise producing pens which write bright blue green (just to give an example)... but how many people are looking in the search engines for "pens that write bright blue green"? Less than 10 a month, so being in first position for this keyword would bring non real business to our potential customer. It's better to use our websites positioning techniques for a keyword like "fountain pens", which is searched 1,600 times a month on Google. Obviously it is more difficult to reach a high position for this one keyword, because there will be more competitors than for the first one, but the main goal is to get an increase on visits from potential customers.

As a guarantee of our professionalism, we committed, subject to an exclusive contract to the customer's request, not to position other companies for the same keyword, this guarantees our potential customer an excellence and visibility in the internet world like no other.

it is important to note that a website ranking high in search engines is only the tip of the iceberg of all the process named web marketing, where you want to help potential customers to increase their businesses through the Internet channel. After positioning the company web site, in fact, other actions need to be taken to increase conversions from visits received on the website (which, after the positioning activities, will increase significantly) and from contacts received by mail, by phone or even direct visits your company.

Anyway, these are just words; it best thing is to note our websites positioning technology results to see what we state is a fact.

Note that in time, because of good service quality, customers started to ask for other services, most notably the creation of web sites, but also copywriting, web marketing, lead generation, integration with social networks, management newsletters and even tailored backoffice programming. This led us to forge collaborations with partners who push service quality as we do, thus becoming a winning team.

LEAD (traffic) generation on websites

Today it's no longer relevant to talk exclusively on positioning web sites without taking into account other traffic generation sources. In the end, what matters to the customer are the visits to his website and consequently the contacts that result in sales.

In this context, the main part is played by organic placement in Google rankings (particularly in Italy, because in other countries other search engines are used more than Google; for example in Russia the most used search engine is Yandex, so the web site traffic comes from there), but there are other sources of traffic to take into account, more or less adequate depending on the commodity category, on the service or product you want to promote, on the region, keyword choices, marketing strategy, etc.

The main traffic sources for a website are:

  • Organic search engine ranking
  • Google AdWords campaigns (PPC - Pay Per Click)
  • Landing pages campaigns (PPL - Pay Per Lead)
  • Social networks campaigns (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Social network profiles with oggregatin of contacts/friends/circles, induction of discussion topics and answer the questions and post from contacts
  • Banner ads on other sites/networks
  • Referral sites pushing traffic on the client website
  • Email marketing
  • Videochannel with specific positioning on videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Article Marketing
  • ORM (Online Reputation Management)
  • Offline to Online (QR Code, RFid, etc.)
  • Lead identification
  • Newsletters

Each one of these traffic sources must be addressed and planned according to a specific web marketing plan, as each one addresses a different type of audience, so they must carry a different message with words and multimedia designed specifically for that type of public; this is usialy designed through surveys.

Web marketing and synergy marketing:
what happens after web engines positioning

SEO activities are just the tip of the iceberg of the integrated marketing pyramid applied to web (sinergy marketing). Once the site gets more traffic by climbing the rankings, you can start dealing with other traffic sources to convey LEADS to the client's website.

At this point an unexpected problem arises... how to manage all this traffic and these LEADS? How to invest one's time in the best way? The ideal would be following all the contacts, but when they are in excess of the structure intended to handle them, then you have to make choices. This is where lead qualification and lead nurturing activities join the game, allowing our customer company to get maximum benefit with minimum effort.

This integrated scheme also includes a CRM integrated with the company's management software and possibly also with e-commerce. Even if you have to functionally divide commercial and secretarial areas from sales area, the most established trend is to give the user a chance to go all the way and complete the purchase without having to get in touch with an operator unless is explicitly required.

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