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Automatic Guided Vehicle, an automatically guides vehicle. During the years this kind of vehicle evolved. First it was a device with no layout recorded, acting only baeed on the ground codes, such as metal plates, magnetic or bar codes that activated the operations to be performed by the cart (stops, charge, discharge, etc.). Subsequently, the cart acquired a greater intelligence and therefore the ability to store the layout inside its memory and act autonomously for short sections of the path. Normally this type of cart communicates with a central computer to get the mission to be carried out, ask for permission to access a certain segment, etc; communication can take place via infrared or radio, although in recent years radio is preferred because of the high cost of infrared transceivers.
Automated Warehouses
Warehouses built with shelving hosting the pallets or other types of containers of various sizes. These types of stores are normally divided into lanes, run by stacker cranes, i.e. machines traveling on rails, with forks or other collection mechanisms for getting the pallet/container. These machines are controlled by the PLC which in turn communicate with a central computer that assigns the missions. Automatic warehouses are used when the container type is standard, and the flow is high.
Cephalosporins are broad spectrum bactericidal beta-lactam antibiotics. Initially they were obtained from the fungus cultures Cephalosporium acremonium. Such as penicillins, they act substantially by inhibiting the synthesis of components of the bacterial cell wall.
Literally it means "dusting". It is an area that connects a production department with the central corridor which, being at that time a dirty area, should not have a direct connection with the production departments. The pallets are then deposited by the AGVs on the buffer stations operated by a shuttle, which then deposits the pallet in a special position enclosing the pallet and dusting it with powerful air jets in order to avoid a contamination of the sterile production area.
The format of a television program is a set of rules that determine how the program is organized. The format has the value of an intellectual property and so the author can sell the license to produce and broadcast the same program in other countries and in other languages.
A series of conveyors placed in the goods reception area intended to identify the pallet positioned on it by operators, to control weight and shape, to communicate the data to the computer and receive a destination for the pallet. Once the i-point management PLC has received the destination from the central computer, it directs the pallet to the pick-up positions of AGVs or to the reject station.
Laser Guided Vehicle. This is the latest generation of automatic guided carts having in their memory the complete layout and, by using a series of reflectors placed on the track walls, are able to determine based on the reflections, their exact position in the layout and the path that must be traveled to get to the destination ordered by the central computer, to execute the withdrawal or deposit transaction. This truck is very expensive, but it offers a lot of flexibility in case of future changes to the layout.
Manual Warehouses
Stores with no direct contact between the computer and the cart, where paper lists are printed with withdrawal/deposit data; operators perform the work and then confirm the missions is done by a special dialogue at the terminal. This warehouse management system is used when the warehouse managed capital and the resources which would possibly be saved by implementing automated systems, don't justify the investment for the construction of the latter.
Manual Guided Vehicle. It is a normal or a trilateral forklift (forklift that enters a lane and transforms into a small stacker crane), with a radio terminal mounted on board communicating with the central computer that sends to the terminal the best mission to be executed on the basis of route optimization. The operator uses buttons to accept the mission, confirm the removal, confirm the deposit and for error handling, such as finding an empty spot during a withdrawal or finding a filled station during a deposit. Following an error report, the computer sends a new mission to the radio terminal and an inventory mission for the station unexpectedly filled during the storage phase.
Release Manager
A relase program manager keeps track of the changes applied to the software and connects with the system requirements or the changes that are required along years. Programmers can only access the source code via the release manager who brands the programs changed with the release number. Each release number is connected to a customer's order (either the original one or subsequent modifications) so that they can't change the sofwtare without a written order.
In the context of television and radio, the schedule is the set of transmissions that are programmed by a station for a certain period (a day, a week, etc.). Usually the schedule indicates the time when the program is aired, the title and the type of each program, plus any information that is deemed necessary.
Semi-automated Warehouses
Warehouses with racks, but without automatic machines, or warehouses formed on floor level where the goods are deposited according to a predefined criterion, or other types of areas where it would not be convenient to have the automatic machines dedicated to the loading and unloading of the warehouse. Management of these stores is used when you cannot reallocate staff, when the flows are not very high, or when the type of items is varied from the viewpoint of size and characteristics.
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