Notre lists pour le search engine optimization companies

One time cost
Monthly maintenance fee
TOP 20
750 Euro
10 Euro
TOP 10
1000 Euro
30 Euro
1500 Euro
50 Euro
2000 Euro
100 Euro
First position
3000 Euro
200 Euro

Escompte pour les étaillants:
  • Signaling = 5%
  • Signaling + Reporting participation in meetings = 10%
  • Autonomous sales = 20%

All prices are excluding VAT.

To analyze and choose the most suitable for POSITIONING KEYWORD INDEXING and a website, you must have access to statistical ACCESS at least 1 month or more. Preferably GOOGLE ANALYTICS.

To use the service POSITIONING site, you need to allow FTP access to the pages of the SITE or similar, in order to analyze the structure of the site and request changes to any person that made the site for you.

The time of service DELIVERY LOCATION of a site, ranging from a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 6 months, there are about 200 variables to take into account some important and some less, some have a fast response time on rankings than others.

The keywords must be proposed by the customer and accepted by LOGIC Louis Loconte, or may be proposed by Logica di Luigi Loconte to the customer if they are found in better during the analysis phase advance.

The service positioning is done relative to the search engine Google �. In any case, experience from the field, placing the site in Google �, the site is located in the other search engines.

The costs relate to a keyword selected by the customer and approved by us.

Terms of Payment: 20% payment with order or Direct Bank Transfer Shed, and the remaining 80% once located with direct remittance payment or transfer. In the case of 100% advance payment, an additional 5% discount is applied at the rate of placement.

The positioning is considered to be reached for a month when the site maintains the position stably. From that point on, apart from the annual maintenance fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Logica di Luigi Loconte accepts unreservedly the positioning of websites in HTML, Joomla, Word Press, ASP, PHP, etc.. For sites written in FLASH is not performed the work placement. For sites developed in other languages, LOGIC Louis Loconte reserves a preliminary analysis before accepting the job.

For the placement of sites in other countries that are not Italy and other languages ??other than Italian, targeted a quote outside of this list will be drawn.

Good navigation by Informatica Logica, the logic applied to the search engine optimization companies and implementing websites.